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AT–201: Electro Hydro Table (Super Low)
  • Closed steel column ensures hygiene and reduces the cost of cleaning disinfection and rust possibility
  • Remote control with logical automatic locking, preventing the malfunction
  • Gas spring activates head and leg section
  • Radiolucent top for X–ray permissibility
  • Superlow position ideal for Neuro, Laparo and plastic surgeries

Technical Specifications:

Length of table top
2000 x 520mm
Power supply 
110~240V, 50~60Hz
 Electric and hydro
Table weigh 
Baring weight 
Height adjustable
Trendelnburg    /Reverse
15o / 25o
Longitudinal tilt 
Head section up/down
50o / 70o
Back section up/down
75o / 250
Leg section down
10o / 90o