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MS-Magna low pressure suction unit is intended for continuous suction drinage in post-operative period for de-compressubg gikkiw vuscys kuje stomach or intestine Similary it can be used for peritoneal cavity or thoracic cavity de-compression. It can also be used to supplement "under water" chest drinage.

It can be used in various specialities like Cosmetic Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Internal Medicine and GI Surgery etc.. It can be safely used in adults or children alike.


Salient features:

  • Powered by a state-of-art Electro Magnetic pumo.
  • Once the set pressure is reached the machine shuts down but comes back to life
  • automatically if there is a drop in the set-pressure even by a minor degree.
  • Unit can be run non-stop for 3 full months, if so required.
  • Unique bacterial filter to prevent air borne contamination in sterile rooms.
  • Compact, light-weight, easy to carry ABS body & Polycarbonate jar.
Maximum Vacuum
= 18 ~ 20 kPa (135 / 150 mmHg)
Adjustable Range
 0 kPa ~ Max. Vacuum
Flow Rate
= 50dB(A)
Storage Bottle
1000ml x 1 (Polycarbonate)
Power Supply
 220V, ± 10%, 50Hz ; DC-12V
Input Power (VA)
GW - 4.8Kg, NW - 2.9Kg
500 x 260 x 350 mm